Gorilla Revolutionaries

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Just checked the release schedules at Next-Gen for some of the top publishers, and found allot I had not hear about through my regular channels. Here's some interesting upcoming releases:


  • Metroid Prime Hunters - Jan 06 (DS)
    I didn't know this would be out in January already! Woot!
  • Animal Crossing Revolution - TBA (RV)
    So there's already an AC planned for the Revolution ey?
  • Donkey Kong Revolution - TBA (RV)
    Hadn't heard of this one either, it would be cool if they did a cross between Jungle Beat and King of Swing, where you use two Rev-controlers to swing around the jungle (each would detect the movements of your arms) and with the boss-fights of Jungle Beat, where you're half boxing with other great apes... ^_^;
  • Kaitou Wario - TBA (DS)
    AKA: Wario Land, so back to the Wario platforming games, surprising yet... we've already seen some cool use of the DS for platformers, and Wario is the perfect character to utilize for some crazy new ideas in the genre on the DS.
  • Unnamed RPG by Camelot - TBA (RV)
    I gave Golden Sun a run for the money... but got feed-up with the massive amounts of random encounters... also I've lost interest in all the stat-fetischism in RPG:s... but RPG:s is one of those genres people have been screaming for more titles in on the GameCube so I'm glad Nintendo is addressing the issue early on for the Revolution.


  • Devil May Cry (tentative title) - TBA (PSP)
    If it's anything like the PS2 games, it might help me decide when\if I should get a PS2


  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4 - Q4 06 (PC, PS3, X360, PSP); Mar 06 (XB, GC, PS2)
    Really? I thought this would be next-gen only... now they're saying it's coming out for current-gen, and in March no less?!
  • Project Assassins - TBA (PS3, X360)
    Keep an eye on this assassination game from the Prince of Persia team.


  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - Feb 06 (PC)
    So this is finally going to arrive, is it? I was beginning to think it would turn into another Duke Nuke'em Whenever

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