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So I beat Prince of Persia today... no, not The Two Thrones. No! Not The Warrior Within neither, I'm not touching that heathen creation with a twelve-foot pole...

I'm talking about The Sands of Time... yes, I know the games is two years old, and yes, I was one of the (unfortunately-)few who bought it on release, along with Beyond Good and Evil, another excellent game that deserves all the recognition it can get. But I'll save that for another time.

Back to The Sands of Time: A.K.A. the best platformer since Super Mario Bros, I played about 45% through it back in late 2003, then got frustrated and put it aside in favor of checking out some other games. I usually play one game at a time on a system, and at a fairly leisure pace, so when the winter\ spring of 2003\2004 saw me suddenly sitting with Viewtiful Joe, Animal Crossing, XIII, True Crime: Streets of L.A. as well as BGE and PoP:TSoT, well... suffice to say I only finished BGE that spring.

I picked up PoP:TSoT again about a year later, and continued for another 50%, getting stuck on the last section, you know, just after you-know-who falls to her you-know-what >_<; That fight, where you start with no sand for rewinding and have to trick the big-baddies into hitting each other... phew! I just couldn't hold out, I got frustrated and stuck the box at the back of my collection. Now that The Two Thrones is out, hailed by many a reviewer as "the true sequel to Sands of Time", I was finally motivated enough to beat TSoT this morning. I'm not picking up TTT just yet though, another reason for me going back to TSoT was that I'm currently having some cash-flow problems... seems a lot of bills decided to come my way in November, so my gaming-budget is stringent to say the least and I've decided to go back and finish some games that I put aside in favor of new titles. That's the problem with being able to buy games when you want... it's very easy to just put a game you already have aside as soon as you hit a snag, and pick up the latest and greatest title.

Like I mentioned above, I have yet to finish Viewtiful Joe and XIII, along with many other titles who's chances are more slim (doubt I'll ever bother to finish True Crime: Streets of L.A. or Star Wars Bounty Hunter, they aren't that great imho, and F-Zero GX... that was just WAY TO HARD!).

With my gaming-budget being what it is, I'm hoping to win a copy of TTT in a sweepstakes I'm participating in. The copy of TTT that is up for draws is for the PS2... which I don't have, good thing then, that the contest winner also receives a PS2 to play TTT on! ^_^/b Guess my chances are slim, but here's hoping!

With the end of the PS2\X-box\GameCube -generation upon us, I've been looking around, thinking I should pick up a PS2 and play some of the games that where exclusive to the system. So I compiled a list of games that I'd like to play on it, in order to gauge at what price-point buying one feels reasonable. I guess this won't be for a while, if I don't win the sweepstakes o'course, but here's my must-play list for the PS2:

  • Ico(*)
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Guitar Hero
  • Guitaro Man
  • God of War
  • Okami
  • NEW: Devil May Cry (Good call Chad)

Any other suggestions? What have I missed?


* Looks like it will be easier than I thought to pick up the gem of my list!

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