Mario Kart MS

No, that's not a typo, bare with me. I finally got Mario Kart DS today! Went and picked it up at lunch today at my local games-dealer. They're a really great company, which almost always has the lowest prices on everything from DVD-players to games to empty-media and movies. But they're kind of Xbox 360 sell-outs. 1/3 of the store is a XBox 360 lounge with several machines where people can demo some of the release-titles.

Anyway, I picked up Mario Kart DS and looked around if anybody's playing it (it was released today here in Sweden), no one in sight, so I decide to just wander by the 360-lounge to see if the games on show are able to impress me. I stop at one station where a guy's playing Kameo, glance down to my left and notice two guys sitting on a couch playing, yes, Mario Kart DS! I join them, and as we are about to start playing a fourth guy shows up, we spend the better part of an hour playing Mario Kart DS... in the XBox 360 lounge! Excellent! ^_^/b

By the way, I have no idea what the other games on show where, saw some boring looking shooter... maybe it was Perfect Dark Zero... ^_-

Well now I just can't wait to get off work so I can go home and hook up my AP and play some MKDS online!

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