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With my discovery of podcasts one of my earliest subscriptions was for the then newly re-launched TFN podcast The Force-Cast. I was immediately blown away by it. The superb use of Star Wars sound-bites and sound-effects and the highly professional hosts Jason Swank and Pete Nadel placed this show instantly among my favorites where it has remained through the years ever since. That great sound production is handled by radio veteran Jimmy Mac who has replaced Pete Nadel as co-host during the last year of the show and does a great job in front of the mic as well as behind.

As I was never really interested in collecting, conventions or very much of the Extended Universe of the novels (I have read about ten books though, of which Shadows of the Empire remains my favorite) I at first was skeptical to an hour+ show on Star Wars every week being interesting and/or entertaining, how wrong I was. The sheer love these guys have for the series hits you so hard that you can't but be pulled in. The show is hardly insular either, through the years The Force-Cast has had countless interviews with Star Wars actors, authors, artists, directors, producers and writers. They have done in-dept reporting from Star Wars Celebration 4, - Europe and - Japan with their amazing and dedicated "No Fan Left Behind"-motto. They interact with other Star Wars fans and have grown an impressive following of their own through the forums of TheForce.Net and Rebelscum.com with many regular contributors being welcomed into the show with warm and open arms and the show has even spawned a fan-created YouTube show called FCTV by "The Jawas". Besides the regular show they also create Star Wars-related music compilations: A Galaxy of Music on and off, as well roundtables with in-dept analysis and discussion of The Clone Wars TV show.

The Force-Cast has continued to impress and although you may only be a moderate Star Wars fan the show is worth checking out as the hosts do a great job of keeping the discussions both intelligent and funny. Check them out, and may The Force-Cast be with you... always.

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