Teboda Listens To - The Bombcast

I'm doing the dishes. Doing the dishes smirking. Another glass soaked, scrubbed and rinsed. The corner of my mouth twitching with pent-up giggles. I reach down and grab a plate. BWhahaha! I just can't hold it in any longer. I throw a bashful glimpse at my wife who sardonically looks back and shakes her head. It's that damn Bombcast, they crack me up every time. From their taste tests of strange beverages to the layer upon layer of in-jokes that build up through out each episode, they have their own wacky style that literally forces me to true LOLs every week.

The first podcast of any real quality that I listened to way back in 2005 was Gamespot's The Hotspot then headed up by duo Rich Gallup and Jeff Gerstmann with the rest of the crew taking turns on the show. Most notable where Ryan Davis, Brad Schumaker, Carrie Gouskos and later Vinny Caravella who took the reins when Rich Gallup later moved back to Boston.

With the so called "Gerstmann-gate" in late 2007 many of the journalist at Gamespot left the company and among them where the (in my opinion) four main contributors (besides Gallup) to making the Hotspot as good as it was: Gerstmann, Davis, Schumaker and Caravella.

But they did not remain out of the spotlight for long, in fact before even having a name for their new venture Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis started a new podcast, then under the name Arrow Pointing Down, this soon transmorphed into the Bombcast to go with their new gaming site Giantbomb.com. To my joy they where soon joined by the dulcet tones of Brad Schumaker and funny-man Vinny Caravella forming a great quartette that mixed the strange, funny, informative and insightful to a very entertaining show about games and soft drinks with a sprinkle of movies, music and comics thrown in week after week.

Give it a listen: http://www.giantbomb.com/podcast

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