Sonys True Colors Shining Through?

[Originally posted on 1Up.com]

It's been all over the message boards, but in case you missed it, Sony appears to be using guerrilla marketing methods to promote the PSP. These drawings, which depict children playing with PSP handhelds in various metaphorical ways, have been sighted on the streets of Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles (where these were apparently taken by "Roi" on the corner of Melrose and Vista).

Wooster Collective, a popular street art/graffiti site, who originally considered the first set of drawings it posted to be the original work of a street artist, commented of the second sighting: "Obviously they are the same thing as the alley graf in Philly. Obviously not done by a street artist. Obviously done by Sony and their ad agency", though noting of the campaign: "Our take - we like it."

Sony has not officially announced this promotion, however, making it possible, though unlikely, that a group of independent citizens have stepped up to promote the PSP in paint and poster form.

I agree with PSPUpdates.com:s Clay that these kids look expressionless, with hypnotized looking eyes; mindless consumers. Is this Sony's view of their customers?

I've never been a big fan of Sony and have always felt that they have a very cold and buisness-centric aproach to gaming. This may be true of many other companies as well, Nintendo not withstanding, but at least Nintendo are very good at not letting it shine through, they seem to be in the buisness to provide joy as well as make money, while Sony seem more into the buisness of generating consumption, what ever the price... but what do I know... what's your take?

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