On the War Path

[Orinigally posted on 1Up.com]

I usually play some handheld system on my thrirty-odd minutes bus & train trip to and from work. When I get off the train I have a ten minute walk to the office, so I usually switch my headphones over to my iPod Shuffle and bag my handheld.

Advance Wars is the one exception, I just can't put it away "prematurely" just because I'm getting off the triain and have to walk the streets of Stockholm. "No rain nor snow nor dead of night" is going to stop me. Today it was a few degrees below freezing and I forgot my gloves, so I should have put away my DS and jammed my hands in my pockets, but I wasn't having it. No, I euphorically kept playing, crossing streets, avoided people and freezing my hands without hardly noticing.

It was the same back with the original Advance Wars on the GBA, that has got to be the game I've poured the greatest amount of hours into, making it the most priceworthy at the same time.

Keep them comming Inteligent Systems, you'll be the death of me, but I'm lovin' every moment of it! ^_^/b

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