Orange You Surprised?

When you ask someone what their favorite color is, the most common answers are probably blue, pink, red or black, next you'll likely find people say green, maybe purple or turquoise and some will say yellow. Orange on the other hand... that to me just doesn't seem like a very likely candidate at all for favorite color. I can't say it's mine either. So why is it then that:

This is my mobile phone.


These are my sunglasses.

My favorite game.

My hiking jacket.

My backpack.

My Work.

Ah but wait! My favorite fruit is pineapple! That's not orange...
What's that you say? Pineapple is not a fruit, it's a berry?
Hmmm... ok, banana then! Bananas aren't orange either!
...and they aren't fruits either... they're herbs... drat...
OK, OK I admit it. Orange! Orange is my favorite fruit OK! There I said it...

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