Drum-role PLEASE!!!

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As I was on my way to work this morning Iron Maidens 'Run to the Hills' started playing on my iPod Shuffle (yeah I know, I should have waited six months and picked up a Nano instead, but how was I to know). Man those Nicko McBrain drums really makes you want to air-drum!!!

Nintendo, I really hope you're working on a Drum-Rhythm game for the Revolution. And I really hope it's a launch title! And I really hope the Revolution launch is really early in 2006. And I really hope it's a world-wide release. And I really really really really...

Update (2008-05-30): God I was pretty needy and excitable back then wasn't I? Man, it sure feels like ages since I wrote this post, and yet it's only been 2½ years. I guess seeing this from the other side of a console generation's release and, with Rock Band out (not here in Europe mind you) and with both Guitar Hero and now Rock Revolution following suite with their own drum-sets, will do that.

I've gone back and forth on the idea of "air-drumming" as it where. When Nintendo first hinted at it with their reveal video for the Wii (then Revolution) controller with the guy drumming in the air I thought it was the most exciting concept out of them all. And as this original post demonstrates it was a game idea I was really anxious to try.

With the initial reveal and subsequent previews/reviews and general anecdotal musings on the Rock Band drums, I was slowly convinced that any fake-drumming worth doing was with a set of plastic drum-pads and was antsy to get to play the drums in this way.

Six months have passed and we have yet to see the release of Rock Band and said drums here in the Old-World (even if retailers are now assuring us they will be here soon) and during this time my excitement has slowly recited. The announcement of drum-support coming to Guitar Hero did not pique my interest any more either, but rather lessened it. Konami desperately jumping on the band-wagon put the nail in the coffin and I felt fatigued - What am I suppose to do now? I can't possibly rationalize buying three sets of plastic drums, not to myself, let alone to my wife! And it's not like they're compatible with each other either, so which ones do I get? Rock Band since they have the talent? Guitar Hero because they have the brand? Konami's Rock Revolution because of their long history in the genre?

Then I heard that there will be no drums for the Wii version of Rock Revolution and this actually made me happy. Not only did it simplify my decision somewhat, but it also make me realize that maybe what I want isn't the most realistic drumming experience possible. Maybe the way to one-up a five-piece drum-set is not to add another pad, or two cymbals for that matter. No, maybe less is more. Maybe what I want is accessibility, ease of use, pick-up-and-play. Maybe Konami are the ones that understand Nintendos' Wii-philosophy best. Look at the picture above again, see any similarities between these drums and your standard gamepads?

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