Back in Black

[Originally posted on 1Up.com]

Almost two months to the day since I sold my DS, it's back! Well, not IT per say, but I am once again a DS-owner. I got me a beautiful DS Lite! I've been on the fence on whether to go with the black or the white one, in the end I bought a black one since you Americans are so envious of it! ;-)

With it I also bought Brain Training and Metroid Prime: Hunters. My current brain Age is 53, but when I did the test again it was 37, so I'm already not too far off. I'm gonna force my girlfriend and her brother(s) to brain-train with me this summer when we're at the summer house.

I've only had a brief look at MPH, played through the first level. I can see what people meant when they said you can't play if for extended periods of time without getting cramps. We'll see how I fair though.

Oh, and one other thing. Where's my thumb-strap!? I use to alter between stylus and thumb-strap when playing First Hunt, but it seems they've scraped the thumb-strap for the DS Lite! What's up with that?! Glad I sold Super Mario 64 with the original DS, because the thumb-strap setup was the only way I could play that game!

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