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Having been essentially a Nintendo-purist for the last 20-years when it comes to consoles, if someone had told me one year ago that I would buy a PSP and a PSTwo in 2005, and not play GameCube a single time plus sell my DS during the first five months of this year... well I would have been very surprised. And I still am, in a way, but there is of course an explanation to it all.

The PSTwo purchase is the least surprising, I've been contemplating that purchase for at least a year, from about the time Psychonauts was announced as not coming to GameCube, and Guitar Hero really made up my mind.

The fact that I haven't turned my GameCube on all year is of course a result of the PSTwo purchase, but also due to the fact that The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess was postponed and that nothing else of interest has been released since November. Come to think of it, now that Twilight Princess is being released for Wii as well, and that the GC-games will be playable on the Wii... I wonder if I will ever play my GameCube again

When it comes to the PSP, I bought that mainly because I could get it cheap while in Japan, and I have yet to play any game that would have made me purchase it, but it's great for watching video.

So then finally we come to the sale of my DS, well that is probably the least extraordinary event. I traded my GBA for a PSOne when the SP came out since I was getting that, and this is the same thing, I'm of course getting a DS-Lite. A friend in Tokyo is scouring the streets trying to get ahold of one... they're still hard to come by, hope they ramp-up the supplies now that the US-release is so close

UPDATE: Well seems like the DS Lite is being released here in Europe on the 22:nd of June, and I'll be in Tibet and China from the 15:th and well into July, so there's really no reason to import anymore. I'll just pick it up in July when I'm back, unless I can get it cheap in China... ;-)

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